Wiki Loves GLAM


Welcome to this exhibition, curated by Europeana and Wikimedia, which brings together shortlisted images from the ‘Wiki Loves Monuments’ photo contest 2012 and other related Europeana content.

Wikimedia works throughout the year on bringing together the sum of all human knowledge and sharing it with everyone around the globe. In a similar way, Europeana brings together all cultural heritage from around Europe for everyone to enjoy.

The ‘Wiki Loves GLAM’ exhibition highlights 16 photographs representing some of Europe's best examples of historic buildings, which are currently functioning as Galleries, Libraries, Museums or Archives (GLAMs).

The featured photographs were submitted by people from around the world for the ‘Wiki Loves Monuments’ photo contest, for which Europeana sponsored a special ‘GLAM’ category. With 4,611 submissions to the GLAM category, we shortlisted 50 photographs. Users then voted for their favorites on Facebook and we have assembled the 16 most popular photographs in this exhibition. The photograph of Bran Castle in the vicinity of Bra┼čov, Romania, more famously known as ‘“Dracula’s Castle’ received the most votes and was crowned the winner of Europeana's GLAM category.

You can either enjoy the exhibition by browsing our four themes (Castles, Galleries & Libraries, Former Factories and Editor’s Pick), or you can try out our new interactive map.

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